Gentlemen's Concierge

By fernando hernandez

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About Gentlemen's Concierge:

Founded by a 10–plus-year veteran men’s stylist and fashion-forward connoisseur ​with experience in the world’s most recognized fashion brands and labels, ​Gentlemen’s Concierge is a one-stop curated approach to helping the modern-day ​gentlemen look and feel his very best.

With expertise working with some of the top designers and luxury boutiques in the ​world and an unparalleled approach to client service, Fernando Hernandez applies ​his personalized, bespoke approach to helping men not only look their best but be ​their best: by taking care of the details.

Starting in March 2020, when clients began requesting Fernando for at-home ​wardrobe styling support for a new WFH era, Gentlemen’s Concierge has grown into ​a full-service offering tailored to men who need help not only looking and feeling ​good, but getting things done.

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Let's talk; a complimentary consultation in person or via video to listen and understand more ​about what you need and how I can support you.

Services include:

  • Styling, fittings, tailoring, etc.
  • Personal appointments: barber, grooming, etc.
  • Basics: food shopping, cleaning arrangements, appointments, etc.
  • Gifts (birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations)
  • And more.

We offer personalized services, so we can still do it for you if you don't see it here.

“I decided to found Gentlemen's Concierge, a tailored service that helps busy men with their ​to-do lists. I take care of the details so you can focus on what matters most to you.” Fernando ​Hernandez

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